Pakistan Rangers Educational Institutions Secretariat (PREIST)

Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) has chain of Public Schools & Colleges spread all over the border belt / remote areas of Punjab consisting of three colleges, nine high, two middle & four primary school. We have over 9000 students. These institutions are running on no profit no loss basis since 1987. The excellent results of these institutions are the manifestation of well defined system, dedicated efforts and congenial environments prevalent campuses. Presently 18 Schools and Colleges are on the strength of Pakistan Rangers (Punjab).

Pakistan Rangers Educational Institutions Secretariat (PREIST) has been set up in Headquarters Pakistan Rangers. All Rangers Public Schools & Colleges are operating under this Secretariat with in a framework of a central policy. The Secretariat oversees the functioning of all these Schools/Colleges for maintaining the uniformity in all technical matters of education. Its broad functions will be as under:-

○ To lay down the policy to ensure uniformity in the following essential matters:-

● Syllabi/Text books

● Medium of instruction

● System/Schedule of exams

● Fee Structure

● Assistance in maintaining quality education

● School/College uniform

● Periodic visits/inspections

○ Review & monitor the academic progress and initiate appropriate measures to

improve the existing standards

○ Ensure implementation of national policies on education in all Rangers Public

Schools & Colleges.

○ Approve the development plan including expansion/new constructions of the


○ Planning of Teacher's Training programme/workshops.

Rangers Institute of Technical Education (RITE)

In pursuance to Prime Minister's desire to exploit and develop human resource, Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) have established "Rangers Institute of Technical Education". The Institutes imparting technical and vocational training to civil and low educated youth to manifest the Government's Policy for human resource development in Collaboration with NAVTEC (National Vocational & Technical Education Commission and TEVTA (Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority).

The detailed information regarding this Institute is available on its own website i.e.

Rangers Institute for Special Education (RISE)

Rangers Institute for special education is rehabilitation of mentally retarded / disabled children of Rangers as well as civilians and is established at Tajpura Lahore. Director General Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) committed to patronize the centre to provide relief to the affectees. With all out efforts of Headquarters Pakistan Rangers (Punjab), a building worth Rupees 10 Million was constructed after getting the land from Punjab Government. Now with the financial assistance from Punjab Government, a hostel worth Rupees 20 Million is also under construction and is about to be completed. Presently 43 x children are being provided feeding and hostel facilities whereas 45 children attend the Day Care only. Sofar Rs.54,04,017/- have been expended for their boarding and lodging.

The aim for establishing Life Care Society is to work for the betterment of disabled children in general and mentally retarded, Orphans, Deaf and Dumb children in particulars. To educate and extend technical training for the better carrier of these children.

Functions. Following are the main functions:-

  • Identification of special children and the assessment of their disabilities.

  • Special education and day care facility for special children.

  • Residential facility to the out station, orphans, homeless and abandoned special children.

  • Parents training program.

  • Human Resource development (training program for Teachers, Parents, Social Workers & Volunteers).

  • For orphan special children (after motherís death or both parents).

  • For training of independent living skills.

  • For the relief of parents or care givers.

  • For short term teaching or training programs.

  • For parents who are settled aboard for job or business and cannot keep their special children with them.

  • Food and accommodation (Boarding facility for deserving orphan and homeless special children)

  • After one year of basic skills training, a trade is selected and one year professional trade training in given. The training program offered at life care centre are:-

    • Candle making.

    • Wood works.

    • Fine arts painting drawing.

    • Photo framing.

    • Computer courses.

    • Screen printing.

    • Tailoring, embroidery, dress designing


Service / Facilities at Life Care Centre

  • Innovative and therapeutic living training.

  • State of the art formal and special education.

  • Pre-vocational and vocational training.

  • Physical education & physiotherapy.

  • Speech therapy & sign language.

  • Behavioural therapy, play & work therapy.

  • Pshycho analysis and psycho therapies.

  • Genetic counselling.


Self employment and sheltered workshops.

Umra Scheme

It has been itroduced in Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) as a welfare. Ist contigent proceeded to Saudi Arabia on 14 Aug 2008.

Pakistan Rangers Employees Medical Scheme. (PREMS)

Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) is providing advance medical facilities to its employees in terms of providing hearing aid, artificial limbs, medical investigation/tests reports from reckoned laboratories, disposable items and medical treatment from different hospitals. During the year 2007, 2008 and upto 28 Feb 2009, Rs.3,05,04,185/- has been expended under this scheme.

Reverse Osmosis Plants

Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) being the guardian of Desert Sector is deprived with sweet/potable water for the deployed troops, local populace and animals equally. The scarcity of sweet water is further pronounced during scorching heat and sizzling hot weather where the water is transported on wheels. To provide a resuscitation effect and life to all the living beings in the heart of Cholistan desert, Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) has installed about 23 x RO plants at different selected localities since 2003 to provide clean, potable and sufficient quantity of water to the deployed troops, local inhabitants and animals equally. These plants act as life saving equipment and are regularly being maintained to provide a sigh of relief, specially during the sizzling hot weather.


Yaum-e-Shuhada is celebrated by Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) every year to pay homage / tribute to their brave Shaheeds, who laid their lives during Indo-Pak wars 1965 & 1971, on Working Boundary, International Border and Internal Security operations duties. next of kins of Shuhada and injured persons of Pakistan Rangers are called for participation. A colourful function is arranged, where Director General Pakistan Rangers (Punjab) gives financial assistance / gifts to the participants / next of kins.



Pakistan Rangers Insurance and Welfare Fund. (PRIWF)

The aim of this scheme is to provide Life Insurance of Rangers Employees while in service. The scheme has been revised with effect from 01 November 2008. So far Rs.67,00,000/- have been disbursed to the bereaved families. Salient features of the revised scheme are as under:-


Insurance cover (Rs.)

● Death/Shahadat


● Permanent disability arising due to accidental injuries


● Loan refundable (Rs.1000/ per month installment) Ltd vacs has
   been aloc to each Wings/HQs on monthly basis.


● Jehaiz fund on the marriage of one real daughter (non refundable)


Pakistan Rangers Women Vocational Institute (PRWVI)

The institute has been established in the main cities like Lahore, Bahawalpur and Sialkot for imparting vocational training to the wards of Rangers personnel and civilian ladies. The total amount expended on the projects sofar is Rs.7,96,466.86.




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